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At Wexler Law Group PLLC, Arlene and Leora have strong backgrounds in all matters relating to family, from drafting wills and assisting in real estate transactions to zealously advocating our clients’ interests during complex matrimonial proceedings. As a Mother and Daughter team, we understand the unique dynamics of family, and appreciate the need for thoughtful and strategic legal representation on all familial matters.

Both attorneys find themselves in court almost daily, whether advocating for clients in family matters, on traffic violations, or in general litigation. The Firm’s background in litigation provides a competitive edge and a record of zealous representation in court and throughout the pendency of proceedings.

The Firm is committed to pro bono legal services. Both Arlene and Leora serve on the Assigned Counsel Panel for Family Court matters, representing indigent persons who cannot otherwise afford an attorney. Besides their assigned counsel assistance, the Firm acknowledges that with the privilege of practicing law comes a responsibility to provide pro bono services to individuals who lack financial resources.

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